Stellar Delight is out of this world collection of handcrafted Luna necklaces. Each necklace utilizes space material to provide a way to experience one’s self in relation to the universe. The finest raw materials embracing a high-quality glass sphere place the fragment of the Moon in the spotlight. Each design of the lunar surface is limited to 29 pieces and represents the vision of an individual artist. With the proceeds, the Stellar Theorem philanthropic initiative is supported.

"All it took was a glance at the night sky to spark the imagination and plant the seed of inspiration. A mix of strength and effortless elegance in one pendant."


We believe in quality over quantity. Our jewelry is handmade and limited to 29 pieces per design which allows us to deliver products of the highest quality. Every piece is made to order and can be tailored to your desires. We prefer to have a call with a client before an order is placed.
After that, we begin creating each pendant individually. This process commonly takes between five to six weeks. In rare cases, the crafting period prolongs. For further information, special deliveries and customizations feel free to contact us at community@stellardelight.com.

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