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Spherica utilizes carefully selected materials reminding us of new dimensions. Lunar and Martian meteorites are very fragile. The glass gives them extra protection and serves as a display. The glass is 100% natural and of high-quality and does not break upon Spherica experiencing unexpected gravity towards the ground.

We emphasize the scientific value of outer space material and therefore only use fragments that have already been examined for scientific research.


Spherica Types


Embedding lunar meteorite.


Embedding martian meteorite.


Embedding rock from Mt. Everest.


Embedding your rock.



MOON NWA 11273

Meteoritic material from the Moon was the first rock that piqued the interest of Stellar Milieux. With the help of the recognized scientists and world`s renowned collectors from the International Society for Meteoritics and Planetary Science, we gained access to laboratory tested, first-hand material. It is trackable in the World's database of Space Material (Meteoritical Bulletin) and therefore completely authentic. Each lunar meteorite comes with its official name and classification that guarantees the legitimacy of the stone. 

Our in-house team consists of meteorite experts, holding university degrees in meteoritic sciences. Our team members have as well classified space material for the International Space Material Database. Founder Ana is a member of the International Society for Meteoritics and Planetary Science. Lunar material integrated into Spherica is verified in Natural History Museum, Vienna.​​

Please read the following article for all the information about lunar meteorites.

lunar meteorite

MARS NWA 11564

The second rock that picked our attention is a martian meteorite or a meteoritic material from Mars. 


Mars material integrated into Spherica is verified in Natural History Museum, Vienna.​​

martian meteorite


There are terrestrial rocks taking us out of this world to the very heart of outer space, evoking a curious child inside us.


The climbers conquering the highest mountains on Earth are often reporting the same feeling astronauts experience when seeing the Earth from outer space. On the top of the eight-thousander, one can literally see the Earth bend.  It causes the cognitive shift in awareness about our planet and what truly matters in life. The phenomenon is known under the term Overview effect. No wonder there is a saying that where the mountains end, the universe begins.



We are always open for a challenge to add your special rock inside a high-quality glass sphere.


Glass serves as a display and protection so you can further use the protected material and incorporate it into various creations. 



Bojan is a Doctor of Science, geologist, researcher of materials and meteorites. In his spare time, he is a mountain runner, mountaineer, touring skier and space enthusiast.

He has classified space material for the International Space Material Database (Meteoritical Bulletin):

Meteorite Entry Novo Mesto

He researches meteorites under the electric microscope and has written detailed articles about lunar and martian meteorites in our blog section.



Stellar Milieux is honored to have among friends a great scientist who is an active contributor to the meteorite community, an author and the main curator of the largest display of space material in the world at the Natural History Museum in Vienna, Dr. Ludovic Ferriere. Between his scientific work and taking care of the international meteorite treasure, Dr. Ferriere also travels the globe in search of new impact craters to be confirmed. Each new impact crater brings important additional information about the formation of our Solar System. Impact events played a significant role in our geological past by influencing the evolution of life on Earth.

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