A handcrafted minisphere made of high-quality glass, capturing fragment of outer space. The rest is your story. 


Featuring meteoritic fragment of the Moon.


Spherica utilizes space material to provide a way to experience one’s self in relation to the Universe. It is an act of expressing feelings, thoughts, and observations. And with it, capturing unexplored cosmos along with accentuating the beauty of its preliminary matter.

Behind the elegance of every Stellar Milieux sphere is a profound level of craftsmanship. Using a technique developed by Stellar Milieux experts, the carefully selected mete- oritic fragment of the Moon is placed inside a high-quality glass sphere. All to transform intangible ideas into a tangible world.

Sperica directly funds space research. Encouraging the young to stay authentic by giving them the opportunity to continue with their independent research. Through exploration of the Universe, we explore ourselves.

The inspiration behind Spherica lies in the quantum mechanics theory setting a nothing-everything vacuum at the beginning of what we know today as life on Earth. A vacuum, possibly everything, yet nothing explicitly, rests in total harmony absent of concepts of space and time. A sudden vacuum fluctuation causes the first symmetry break and the rest is history. The droplet made of glass represents a vacuum, an implicit everything frozen in one infinite moment, and the fragment of outer space, the explicit flow of moments in our space-time followed by first symmetry break. This is how far science goes. Can the senses take us beyond, to the complete emergence embracing our entangled milieux?

The lunar surface is fully exposed to outer space due to the absence of atmosphere. When large asteroids hit the Moon, the collision causes lunar material to lift and disperse. The impact has to be forceful enough in order for lunar rocks to reach the Moon’s escape velocity and make it to outer space. The minimum particle speed required for this to happen is 2.38 km/s. Once the material escapes the Moon’s gravity, rock fragments are captured by the gravitational fields of either the Earth or the Sun. When such fragments fall on the Earth, they are called lunar meteorites.


Her home is our destination. Outer space is glamorous, visionary, exclusive and it deserves to be portrayed that way. It is to be explored with curiosity and open-mindedness. With the perfect merge of science and spirituality. Spherica captures the awareness of the unknown and eagerness to explore it.

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 Stellar Delight

Stellar Delight is out of this world collection of handcrafted, new space Luna necklaces. Each design of the lunar surface is limited to 29 pieces and represents the vision of an individual artist.

Luna Stella

A magnified view of the lunar surface and its numerous craters manifested in the form of diamonds. Like looking through the telescope.

Luna Celestia

A glorious sight of the lunar eclipse and its fiery image embodied by the hue of rose gold. Mesmerizingly powerful.

Luna Orbita

Exceptional creation of countless orbits creating paths for seemingly free-floating particles. Golden chaos disrupting serene Moon.

Luna Terra

Unveiling the soft nurturing nature of the Moon, the goddess that protects and encourages women since the dawn of men.


Being without an atmosphere, Silvermoon is a precise depict of the vulnerable lunar surface, where even the smallest asteroids leave a mark hand-embedded into a silver plate.

Luna Trinity

One of a kind portray of the past, the present and the future, the three being one, united in a triangular lunar surface. We are timeless.

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