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Hi, I am Ana and have somehow landed on Earth. And so did meteorites. Stellar milieux are collective efforts of curious artists and scientists to exhibit an alluring variety of space-themed creations. Starting with the Moon! And in the free time, I am doing some curious research with the proceeds. Mostly primes.


I am giving fragile lunar and martian material protection and playful form for creative individuals to easily add a fragment of the Moon to their creations.


Funding curious research projects and therewith fulfilling the final Stellar Milieux mission to intertwine art and science. 


Awareness of the unknown.

Acceptance of diversity.

Curiosity to explore.



Ana Škerjanc, a visitor on Earth and Stellar Milieux founder.




A passionate mathematician started cultivating her love for science while studying abroad. After finishing her degree in mathematics, she couldn't escape the fascinating world of outer space which offers enormous space for creativity. Astonished by the number of aspiring young talents from various disciplines and concerned by the fact that personal yet significant projects lacked attention, she started thinking of ways to continue with the independent research by making science sexy and appealing to attract funding. After spending some time with her colleague astronomers, the beauty and value of space stones they were collecting became utterly apparent and thus turned out to be the source of her inspiration. "I still remember when I first heard about meteorites from Moon and Mars on Earth. I literally took the next bus to Vienna Museum to have a look. Just imagining their journey through our solar system took me out of this world."


Ana Skerjanc (Skylark) is inviting curious individuals to the project. Her goal is to depict a bold perspective of outer space: "Spherica is a blank sheet of paper. For creative individuals to explore space material for themselves and portray their own visions of the universe. This way a unique and ever so slightly poetic point of view of an individual artist gets to be represented. It is an act of expressing feelings, thoughts, and observations. Outer space offers an enormous room for creativity and I believe its experience is always unique." Stellar Milieux is a collective story of curious people on Earth.​​


Bring interstellar to your design, support space research, and give Spherica your identity.

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